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Re: steering wheel for PS3??? Please??? Options

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Electronic handheld PS3 Controller Cover. synpower steering fluid 31620030100 | WHEEL TRIO F1/PC/PS3/WII 31620030100 | Price: 32

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Universal Wheel Traction Control, with PS2, PS1, PC-USB, Technology Innovation (H.K.) Ltd. 50 | News/Research

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PAC SWI PS Wheel Audio Control for Pioneer

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7" + Reverse Camera Steering wheel control + DVD/ TV Radio tuner . . onix gps navigation system 350 .

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This is a New Thomas & Friends Video Cell Phone Steering Wheel book Set. Pretend to drive Thomas

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Make your Wii racing games realistic fun with a steering wheel. your controller center and your to

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Sell Steering Wheel Game Controller Joypad Joystick; Steering Wheel Joypad With Rubberized And Textured Grips For And Control For

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this steering wheel possesses pedals and lever at the steering.

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Puregadgets Professional Nintendo Wii remote Steering controller for Need for Speed Carbon, £6.99, £8.28, Availabil.

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New Wheel JoyPad Controller For GameCube. in the 1/ 17. Handheld Dual Shock Joy Pad Controller For Wii GameCube. US$16.99

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provided a stand-in for a steering wheel in Ridge Racer, and it'll probably become the controller of all but the most

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Unleashes Latest Wheel Controller: G27 - Push to the

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- Brand New Racer 64 steering wheel controller for Nintendo 64, Performance. The UltraRacer is a hand-held steering controller

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steering wheel for wii with an optional Remote (M887657),. bmw power steering. Electric Trolling Motor Handle - Patent

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Get the of SWI-PS - steering wheel at ZDNet Reviews.

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Driving Force GT - Force Feedback Steering Wheel for PS3 . are playing t have a tuned wheel experience, will likely go back to controller. 2008-2010 Digital | Privacy Policy.

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Catz Held Wheel Genre: Controller Style: Steering Wheel Accessory The Catz Hand Held Racing Wheel is

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Steering wheel controller Speed The Video Game, £9.99, £1.29, £11.28, Availabil. . hand remote controls steering fluid replacement

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Category: Electronic/TV Handheld Games. Wii Mario Steering Wheel(motion Convert the Wii Remote Control to steering wheel. Easy to install.

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Or To Control Steering Wheel Buttons, Windows, Locks, Etc with a (WIndows Mobile) by Honig,

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21 posts - 14 - Last post: 2 2009PS2 Gamester Handheld Steering shape responsive wheel motion with all type games.

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Connects2 Bluetooth Steering wheel control adapters allow integration the Bluetooth kits with

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Handheld Garmin C GPS * Stick it Anchor Price

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a hand steering wheel you manipulate and turn in to your on screen vehicle. In order for wheel to function,

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flight-sim joysticks, so don' hold back in suggestion which steering wheel controller is best. . Handheld Gaming, Handheld Technology, CellPerformance@B3D

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